Semmelroth is the sun deity, creator of Xanthus and it’s gods. He wields a great flaming hammer and works creation out of the Eternal Forge, the sun.

He is originally mentioned in the First Myth 1:5
“Semmelroth, borne of the Forge,
took his place in the heavens.
His mighty hammer shaped”

Alignment: Good
Weapon: Warhammer
Domains: Artifice, Fire, Good, Healing, Protection, Strength

Semmelroth has been depicted as the Chief god of the Xanthus pantheon, having forged the other gods on a whim. He is sometimes said to be omniscient, though other stories appear to contradict this. While he is generally attributed as a “Good” god, he appears to rarely interfere with the world, though he tends to weigh in on the side of good rather than neutrality or evil.


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