Goh, the Earth Mother, is the primary female deity in Xanthus. She is the mother of several of the other gods and is also depicted as the whole world. She wields no weapons and is often depicted with many animals around her.

She is originally mentioned in the First Myth 1:11
“From the earth was borne Goh, the Great Mother,
and she birthed all the trees and flowers.”

Alignment: Law, Good
Weapon: Claws
Domains: Animal, Charm, Community, Healing, Plant, Repose, Seasons (subdomain)

Goh is the nature goddess and very much the archetypal Mother Earth character. Like Semmelroth, she does not interfere greatly with the affairs of lesser beings. However she has been known to sometimes work with Azervad and Ssor while creating or punishing. Although she is also mostly neutral, she leans towards the side of good and law. Those who worship Goh are often very particular about the keeping the world the way it is and are heavy proponents of the hierarchical ways of nature.


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