At 579 years old, Xanthus is a budding world wrought of the flames of the Eternal Forge by the god Semmelroth. Most of it has not been explored, few maps of any area even exist in these early days. There are no ancient ruins, no long-lost artifacts, just the new frontier in every direction. This is the time when gods still walk the earth and their children accomplish great feats.

Xanthus is a campaign setting that is being built from the foundation up. Its very core is a creation myth, from which all other development flows. The themes are largely borrowed from early mythology, with the human race being primarily influenced by Greek mythological archetypes. Much of the new mythology has yet to be created- a driving factor in the current campaign. Now, Player Characters get to become a part of the mythos, contributing to the existence of legends and phenomena. As the PCs explore, new options will become available to both them and future players.

The only world these humans have ever known is the island of Tethys. The land is populated with a number of towns and cities, though the youthful nature of the world leaves much of the technological, industrial, and political development in a very malleable state. Their greatest source of information from the outside world comes from Oracles, emissaries of Nurius, though it is vague at best. Each morning the Eternal Forge flashes to life, signaling the start of a new day and a step towards the future.

The dawn of Xanthus is now.

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Dawn of Xanthus

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